Veteran Affairs

More veterans live in Queens than anywhere else in New York City.  Every day, Grace witnesses the many ways in which they contribute to the richness of her community and to the nation.  She knows that while their service to the U.S. military may have ended, their service to the nation never does.  That is why Grace is committed to ensuring a better VA, better benefits, and better transition programs for veterans and their families.

While in Congress, Grace is proud to have secured numerous legislative victories on behalf of America’s veterans.  She successfully reauthorized the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program – a critical suicide prevention and resilience initiative for veterans, servicemembers, and their families; required the VA to establish a program that encourages active-duty servicemembers serving as health professionals to pursue employment with the Veterans Health Administration upon separation from the military; encouraged the VA to hire more female healthcare professionals in order to provide care to the growing number of female veterans; and pushed the VA to accept medical opinions from non-VA healthcare providers for rating purposes whenever possible – thereby allowing the VA to conserve its resources, issue decisions more quickly, and reduce the number of appeals. 

Grace is also proud to have supported legislation allowing new servicemembers to use their GI Bill benefits indefinitely, as opposed to the existing 15 year period; modernizing the disability claims appeals process for the more than 450,000 veterans waiting for the VA to provide them the benefits they have earned; and providing the VA Secretary the authority to hold under-performing employees accountable while also protecting whistleblowers from retaliation.

Just as veterans put us first while serving in America’s armed forces, Grace will continue to put them first while serving in Congress.


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