National Security & Foreign Policy

The first responsibility of any government is to provide for the defense of its citizens.  Grace takes this responsibility seriously, and is committed to ensuring that America remains the strongest military in the world.  She is also committed to ensuring that America’s diplomats have the resources they need to engage the world’s most volatile regions, because as Secretary of Defense James Mattis has stated: “If you don’t fund the State Department fully, then I need to buy more ammunition.” 

Grace knows that our closest allies such as Israel and South Korea need the resources we have promised them, and that only joint diplomatic efforts can lead to lasting and meaningful peace around the globe.  As a Member of the House Appropriations Committee, Grace will continue to call for funding levels that guarantee American military readiness, as well as robust levels of international aid.

While in office, Grace has authored provisions that have been signed into law that include: authorizing rewards be paid to individuals who provide information about persons aiding or abetting war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide; authorizing entering into water resource agreements with foreign governments in order to ensure water access for U.S. troops stationed abroad; and improving childcare services for military families so that servicemembers can focus on the job at hand.

She is also a proud supporter of the “Otto Warmbier North Korea Nuclear Sanctions Act”, and is a leader in Congress on issues pertaining to India and Bangladesh as well as extending Temporary Protected Status for nations such as Nepal and Ecuador.  Grace will continue to do her part in keeping America safe, and will continue to fight for the resources that will enable the military and our diplomats to do the same.


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