As the daughter of immigrants, Grace knows the importance of work in America.  From watching her family work tirelessly in restaurants and service-industry jobs, she knows that fair pay for a fair day’s work is essential to achieving the American Dream.  That is why Grace is proud to support the ability of every American worker to collectively bargain and unionize, and why she supports policies that protect American jobs and products in the open market.

Grace is the author of the “ Act”, the first piece of federal legislation ever proposed to create a government website where Americans can go to find American-made products and businesses and support American workers, and she is also a proud co-sponsor of the “All-America Flag Act” which would require any American flag purchased by the federal government to be made in America.  Grace supports including stronger labor protections in any newly proposed trade deals, and renegotiating any past trade deal that has led to the off-shoring of American jobs.

The 21st century will witness the automation of an untold number of jobs, and solutions must be put forward now to alleviate the coming, and ongoing, disruptions to the American labor market.  That is why Grace supports efforts to expand and better fund worker retraining centers and initiatives, why she supports an increase in paid apprenticeship training programs, and why she believes in policies that provide for a strong social safety net for displaced workers.

Grace has also always been a champion of women in the workplace, particularly those who are pregnant or are new mothers.  Every worker should be respected, and those things that make us unique should be valued, not discriminated against.  The American worker is America’s greatest asset, and is what will keep our nation great well into the next generation.  


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