Civil Rights

America is at a pivotal moment in its history.  Assaults upon the right to vote, the separation of church and state, and minorities have become commonplace. As an Asian American woman, Grace is intimately aware of some of the darker chapters of America’s history, and that is why she is determined to ensure that every American and every person within our borders is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

After President Trump announced his Muslim Ban, Grace was the first Member of Congress to introduce legislation that would overturn the ban, H.R. 722 the “No Funds for Unconstitutional Executive Orders Act”.  She also, in response to President Trump’s now-disbanded commission designed to erect barriers to voting in minority communities, introduced H.R. 893, the “21st Century Voting Act” which would establish a true national Commission on Voting, make Election Day a national holiday, make voter registration automatic and permanent, and restore the right to vote to persons released from prison.

As the Representative of the only congressional district located entirely in Queens, the most diverse county in America where almost one out of every two people are foreign-born, Grace has been a constant leader in immigration policy discussions.  She does not believe in closing America’s borders, to banning refugees from entering the country, or in policies that would end the family reunification.  She supports an immigration system that does not discriminate against persons from specific nations, that does not prize only the wealthy, and that honors the idea that immigrants are actually a large part of what makes America great – no matter where in the world they come from.

Grace will continue to fight on the right side of history and decency, and will continue to speak out against injustices whenever and wherever she sees it.




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