Public Safety

The recent spate of shootings in New York, coupled with the horrifying shooting in Colorado, underscore the importance of immediately addressing public safety concerns. In Congress, I will pursue a series of measures that will help law enforcement and take guns out of the hands of those who should not have them.

The simple fact is we need more policemen and firefighters on our streets – the NYPD and FDNY are stretched far too thin. I propose immediate federal stimulus to state and local governments to hire more policemen and firemen; this is a straightforward way to improve public safety and put people back to work.

We must also pass sensible, pro law enforcement gun legislation. In Congress I will fight for legislation:

  • Requiring all new semiautomatic pistols be capable of microstamping ammunition so that investigators can use bullet shell casings to identify perpetrators of gun violence;
  • Ensuring that all individuals prohibited from buying a firearm are uploaded to the national instant criminal background check system;
  • Requiring a background check for every firearm sale; and

Requiring employees of dealers in firearms submit to criminal background checks.


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