Jobs for Queens

Creating jobs for hardworking families in Queens will be my top priority when I get to Congress.  While we avoided plunging into a second Great Depression following the 2008 financial crisis, economic growth is still too slow and our unemployment rate is still too high. I have a clear vision and 4-point plan for bringing jobs back to Queens:

  1. Immediate federal aid to local and state governments to hire more teachers, police officers and firefighters.
  2. Federal transportation dollars – and transportation-related jobs – to Queens. I will seek appointment to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure in order to achieve this objective.
  3. Tax credits for small businesses that hire new workers.
  4. Investment in technological advancement and initiatives that will help Queens thrive as a technology corridor.

If we pursue these objectives, we will create much needed jobs right now, and lay the foundation for great success in the long-term. I have a clear vision and a specific plan, and when I get to Washington I will hit the ground running in pursuit of these objectives.


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